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Reviews - Australia-NZ

CHILLING. Edwin Black's book adds some new chilling cases to the already bulging gallery of amoral technicians who willingly served Hitler's murderous regime, apparently without suffering any pangs of conscience.
IBM SUPPLIED HITLER. The use of computers by totalitarian governments goes back to the very dawn of the information technology age. The US giant IBM, which made computers that worked mechanically using punch cards, supplied vast quantities of hardware and software to Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945. Most of what we know about this was dug up by the investigative journalist Edwin Black for his book, IBM & the Holocaust.
A MOUNTAIN OF RESEARCH. Edwin Black has moved a mountain of research to demonstrate that IBM, whose German subsidiary Dehomag provided the Nazis with the Hollerith punch-card technology that made the Holocaust's formidable logistics possible, was as big an accomplice as any. The motive, of course, was profit; as Black points out: "IBM's business was never about Nazism. It was never about anti-Semitism. It was always about the money."