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Reviews - Latin America

SHOWS HOW IT WAS DONE. The last secret of the Nazis… In little more than a decade, from 1933 to 1945, the innocent rectangles of IBM's Hollerith cards served to identify the Jews of Europe and led to the death of many. This book shows how it was done and who profited from these activities.
AUTOMATED DESTRUCTION. IBM invented a "racial census" for Germany, providing not only the religious affiliations but also the bloodlines going back several generations. Using its own technology, IBM automated the destruction of human beings. Edwin Black in his book proves that IBM saw no moral dilemma in what it did, it was just a commercial alliance. It was done because it could be done.
REVEALS THE LAST MYSTERY. This book documents the alliance between IBM and Nazi Germany, beginning in 1933 and continuing until the Second World War. It shows how Germany, with the aid of IBM, created a technology to identify, confiscate, deport and annihilate the Jews. The oral agreements, undated letters, the Geneva intermediates--all of these are assembled by Black to reveal the last mysteries of the war.
PROFOUND. A profound investigation of the Nazi registrations, revealing the collaboration of IBM with the Hitler regime. The author narrates how the megacorporation and its subsidiaries helped create technologies which made possible the programs of identification and classification of Jews.