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LEAVES NO ROOM FOR DENIABILITY. Edwin Black's IBM and the Holocaust gives shocking credence to the growing body of evidence not only of a conspiracy of silence, but of complicity on the part of the Allied nations and their corporations… reaching its most extreme expression in IBM's role in making the mass extermination of Jews and others possible. Black's thorough research and documentation leaves no room for deniability. It raises frightening questions about the past and challenges for the present.
CONCLUSIVELY PROVED. Once again, Edwin Black has hit the mark. His book IBM and the Holocaust is a story that must be read if one is to understand how Hitler and the Nazis were able to implement their Final Solution to exterminate European Jewry. We have been told that "nobody knew." But in his book, Edwin Black proves conclusively that many knew and that IBM was instrumental in Hitler's success identifying nearly ten million European Jews and killing six million.
GROUNDBREAKING. Because of IBM and the Holocaust, we will never look the same way at the issues of U.S. and international corporate complicity in the Holocaust. Black's compelling story vividly shows how IBM's pursuit of profit facilitated the Reich's access to the most sophisticated punch card systems--used in identifying Jews, ghettoization, and even the scheduling of the trains to the death camps...This groundbreaking book should be mandatory reading for every political leader, CEO, professor of business ethics--indeed, for every person concerned about ensuring future holocausts will never occur.
A MUST READ. IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black is a must-read for all who ask ... How did we allow it to happen? Where were our leaders? IBM and the Holocaust is a story of greed and profit in the face of unspeakable horror.
STUNNING. A stunning book! Compellingly written and meticulously researched, IBM and the Holocaust brings new meaning to the Holocaust as a manifestation of "the banality of evil." We now have a glimpse of the kind of moral depravity that can be justified in a society driven by of the almighty dollar.
SHOCKING. If all the Nazis had was pen and paper organization, it would have been impossible to put together the assembly-line slaughter of millions of people. In his shocking book, IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black shatters the myth of German efficiency. The foundation of the Holocaust was based on American ingenuity in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. The blood of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins is on that money.
INESCAPABLE TRUTH. This is a frightening book, one that leaves a clear feeling of discomfort when one finally lays it down. The distress is not so much created by the ugly reminder of Nazi horrors, and IBM's complicity, but rather the inescapable truth: International business acknowledges no borders, no politics, and no morals. The only law is the bottom line, and we are all willing participants.
HORRIFIED. I am in awe of Edwin Black's detailed research and horrified by the evidence he so ably records in his book IBM and the Holocaust. Just as we have asked how could the "civilized" Germans carry out their crimes, we must now ask the same of an American company, IBM, which aided the Reich in the Final Solution.
URGENT WARNING. With the publication of IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black has brought to light a profoundly disturbing and distasteful tale of corporate complicity with the greatest of evils. However, this book is more than a record of past deeds. It is an urgent and increasingly relevant warning. Beware the dangers of technology unrestrained by morality; of corporate mentality uninformed by conscience.
A VITAL BOOK. There are still a few dark corners of the Holocaust waiting to be discovered. Until Edwin Black's research, the role of IBM in facilitating the Holocaust was one of them. This vital book unearths the multifaceted effort expended by IBM in the US, Germany and elsewhere in Europe to place its tabulating equipment and expertise at the hands of the Nazi death machine in pursuit of profit. It is an object lesson in how commercial zeal dominated morals and principles, which many other multi-nationals would do well to examine, and learn from. What they should also learn is that ultimately the truth will out, however much they attempt to hide it.
DISGUSTING. If you think you’ve read enough Holocaust-related literature, and if you think there isn’t anything left that can upset you, buy IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black. It is at many levels terrible, filthy, and disgusting ... but it is an essential story of an American business operating in the cesspool that was Europe in the first half of the 20th Century before, during and after World War II. There is an enormous amount of information in IBM and the Holocaust and so many long descriptions of how holes were punched, numbers assigned and data processed ... IBM and the Holocaust is a very, very, big story – but its impact hits hardest in very, very small spaces; like two inches on a person’s forearm ... IBM and the Holocaust is meticulously sourced.